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Lavender Essential Oil 15ml

Lavender Essential Oil 15ml

No wonder this rich,  sweet aroma is so popular. Lavender has an outstanding balancing and healing effect on the nervous system. Considering that so many illnesses are stress related, Lavender holds a special place in both preventative health care and in the treatment of tension-related illnesses. It offers a soothing and antispasmodic effect that can assist tight muscles, digestive problems, spasmodic coughs, menstrual cramps, insomnia, and tension headaches. Great for restless leg syndrome.

How to Use:

Anxiety or Stress -Apply topically by itself or in a carrier oil to the chest, soles of the feet or top of the head to calm agitation or anxiety. Or use aromatically by adding it to a bath.

Depression (including Postpartum) -Apply topically, diffuse in the air (or inhale directly), or take internally as described above. A blend for depression can also be helpful.

Detox -Use with a carrier oil and massage toward the heart to increase the lymphatic system.


Exhaustion -Uses of lavender essential oil topically or aromatically will promote relaxation and restfulness, as well as grounding and balance.

Grief -Apply topically or use aromatically to assist the grief process and provide a centering, grounding effect on the spirit.


Hyperactivity -Diffuse in the air or apply topically to the chest or reflex points of the hands or feet for a calming, grounding effect.


Insomnia -Whether mild or severe, pure lavender oil increases relaxation response of the nervous system when used topically or aromatically. You can also place 1-2 drops on your pillow.


Mental Stress -Diffuse in the air or apply to the reflex points of the feet (toes and beneath), the chest, and the top of the head.

Mood Swings -Diffuse pure lavender oil in the air or inhale directly for at least 30 seconds as needed.

Pain -Massage several drops into the areas of pain gently. Gentle massage also has the benefit of overriding pain signals to the brain.

Physical Stress -Whether physical exhaustion, overuse, strain or otherwise, gently massage several drops of lavender into the areas of concern.



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