5 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following for Self-Care

5 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following for Self-Care

The algorithm is a very weird thing. 

It's like the teacher walking behind your desk seeing what you're working on during class, and then making an annoying (but useful) suggestion on a website or book to help with your research. 

However we choose to view it, "big brother" always seems to throw out some sort of idea based on things we've already viewed, places we've already visited, and things we've already done. In this case, it's been useful to some Instagram accounts that seem to be aligned with my overall mission to achieve more inner peace with self-care. Many of whom I've come to find have not only a large following already, but also a significant impact behind their posts. Here are a few accounts you won't regret following:

  1. Clean Girl Hacks - There doesn't seem to be much with this profile with their plain & simple black and white posts. However, once you dive in the text, you'll discover all the hidden gems correlating between cleanliness and mental health. Their realistic and sensible tips give a different perspective to everyday tasks & organization with a self-care twist!
  2. Everyday Health - This profile has perfected giving doses of wellness in bite-sized chunks everyday. Their variety of infographics and reels always contain simple yet helpful information on maintaining health physically and mentally. Having these facts pop up in your newsfeed everyday will always be productive scrolling.
  3. sitwithsarifina - If I could guess what an angel sounded like, I'm about 99.9% sure it would sound like this. Known for not only her colorful wardrobe, infectious smile, and calming spirt, her vocals are literally a sound mediation themselves. Many of her followers comment on how her voice brings a heavy sense of peace and relaxation. Her posts range from affirmations to sound baths and inspirational messages.
  4. cozywonderspots - With the help of AI, each posted picture represents a cozy scenery inspiring a calm mood. Whether you're the type to enjoy a candlelit balcony with a sparkling city skyline or a warm cottage tucked away in a winter wonderland, these images are sure to inspire you to create your own spot of serenity. 
  5. juliaspirtualcoaching - This coach and educator posts focuses on self-love and mental health with daily reminders, tips, ideas and routines. Her graphics help those who may suffer from anxious thoughts as well as those who may need a pick me up. No matter what you're feeling, these practices are sure to take part in resetting your thinking and state of mind.

 Honorable mentions:

  • emma_sugi - Carefully creates relaxing bath scenes with unique decor.
  • Simply Anxious - Leading with self-help methods, this author supports those who are recovering from anxiety.


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